Building a Stronger Community 

Heaven Scent is proud to offer counseling services.  Our counseling staff have  advance training and experience in addressing various concerns including but not limited to improving self-esteem and self-concept, self-awareness, grief, mental illness, substance abuse and co-dependency, and developmental disabilities.

Heaven Scent will help clients “make sense of” their challenges and to resolve them. Our approach is strength-based and focuses on each consumer’s unique hopes and values.  We are committed to digging deep with consumers  in therapy. Are you ready to: Cleanse wounds so they can heal? -Empower yourself? -Learn to cope? -Strengthen relationships? Without judgement, we  will work with you in the trenches no matter the depths. The counseling relationship is unique because it is non-judgmental and confidential in a safe, supportive environment. Together, we construct your goals. Our counselors are  challenging and direct in during sessions, resulting in you challenging and understanding yourself while obtaining your goals.

Difficult Roads Often Lead to Beautiful Destinations